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Personal Car Loans

At South East Finance YOU COME FIRST. Are you after a personal car loan? Are you looking for a better deal or do you have previous credit problems? With a large number of lenders ranging from major banks and finance companies to credit unions and non-conforming lenders South East Finance can secure a LOW RATE personal car loan for you.
In today’s market, that one extra enquiry can mean the difference between being approved and declined. Don’t take the risk in trying yourself, we know what lenders are looking for, so let us do what we do best – get you APPROVED.

With us you can get help with any auto loan on the market, such as:

  • Cars purchased from a dealer, privately or from auctions;
  • Imported or older vehicles;
  • Car loans for people with bad credit including paid and unpaid defaults and discharged or ex bankrupts.
  • Trading in and paying out your current loan and financing the new car;
  • Financing a car with a balloon or residual payment at the end to lower repayments;
  • Pre-Approvals so that you have the bargaining power when looking for vehicles;
  • Car loans for any employment type, full time, part time, casual even for people on some types of Centrelink benefits only!
  • No deposit loans available in most instances.

At South East Finance we guarantee exceptional service, competitive interest rates and a finance package designed specifically for you. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you, getting you an answer in the shortest time possible with a minimum of fuss.


Why not protect your asset and insure your future? At South East Finance you can apply for insurance through a number of major insurance companies within Australia. With products available such as Comprehensive Insurance, GAP Insurance, Payment Protection and warranties, we’ve got you covered.


Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is required for all secured loans.  It can include cover for things such as:

  • Accidental damage to other people’s property;
  • Accidental loss or damage to your vehicle;
  • Lifetime guarantee for authorised repairs;
  • Damage to your vehicle by uninsured drivers;
  • New for old replacement on new vehicles declared a total loss;
  • Hire car;
  • Windscreen and window glass damage.


Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance, also known as shortfall insurance, covers the gap or shortfall between what your comprehensive insurer pays out and what is left owing on your loan, should your car be declared a total loss. Should you not have this insurance you will be left paying for this gap with nothing to show for it. Worst case scenario is that your financier may default you if you don’t have the money to pay it up front as they no longer have anything as security for your loan.

With premiums starting from as low as $200.00 per year – you would be crazy not to have it!


Payment Protection

Who will pay your loan if you become ill, injured or unemployed? Don’t let your credit rating be effected by something that is out of your control, include a payment protection policy in your loan. Premiums range with the loan size and features you want included, such as:

  • Life cover;
  • Disability cover;
  • Disability & Life Cover;
  • Disability & Unemployment Cover;
  • Life, Disability & Unemployment Cover.


Extended Warranties

An insurance premium for the mechanical side of your car!
Do you have the spare cash to fix your car if your engine, clutch or starter motor break down? Can you afford to hire a car or go without while saving money to repair your vehicle? Comprehensive warranties can be a life saver if something unforeseeable happens.

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Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statements before considering any product above. Any advice given is general advice only and has not taken into account your personal circumstances.

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